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Hillside Accessibility Solved

Brooksville, Maine Tram System

A hillside or lake shore property has many benefits – why not add the benefit of easier access?  A Hillside Tram can provide a safe and enjoyable way to get up and down steep, rough or unsafe terrain.  The cost is comparable to having steps installed which still leaves the fact that you have to climb.  A Hillside Tram not only relieves climbing stairs, it gives safe access to those with mobility restrictions, elderly and families with young children. Greater accessibility of your property is definitely an added asset so contact us now for an upgrade or new install.


Safety Comes First

We are a fully insured licensed elevator contractor and elevator mechanic - licensed through the state of Wisconsin.  Our trams systems are designed and manufactured in-house and meet or exceed all state and national ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)  A17.1 Safety Codes for Elevators and Escalators.  We offer control panels UL Rated and Non-UL Rated depending on the requirements in your area.   [safety matters]


Smart Solutions

Each hillside property is unique. Our durable hill incline elevators are built with top-notch specifications. Our motor controls feature a variable speed soft start/soft stop package for smooth and quiet operation. Control panels are UL® rated. Dual cables are galvanized aircraft cables.

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Why We're Better

Hillside Trams LLC take the worry out of your hillside challenges.

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Brooksville, Maine tram

 Brooksville, Maine

Lake Jocassee, South Carolina tram

Lake Jocassee,
South Carolina

Lake Oswego, Oregon tram

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Los Angeles, California tram

Los Angeles, California

Hillside Trams are also referred to as: cable car, chair lift, funicular, hill lift, hill tram, hillside car, hillside elevator, hillside lift, hillside tram, incline car, incline elevator, incline lift, lake lift, lake tram, lakeside lift, lakeside tram, lakeshore lift, lakeshore tram, outdoor lift, outdoor tram, platform lift, platform tram, residential lift, residential tram, waterfront lift, waterfront tram.