About Us

In May 2009, Hillside Trams LLC owner Chris Braatz purchased the assets of the former Incline Cars of Allenton, Wisconsin.

Chris was a former employee of Incline Cars and, although the company declared bankruptcy, Chris had first hand experience with their quality product and felt confident about their 20 year track record having installed over 300 systems across the United States. It was this reputation of excellence that inspired him to form his own company - Hillside TramsLLC (West Bend, WI). Chris purchased his past company's assets to build a strong foundation for his own new company.

You’ll notice other tram websites show the same photos we do. This is because these other companies used to purchase their product from Hillside TramsLLC (formerly Incline Cars)  - copying is a form of flattery and further shows ours is a good and proven product.

Chris states, "I am a fully insured licensed elevator contractor and elevator mechanic with the state of Wisconsin. My trams are designed and manufactured in-house and are compliant with state safety codes."

Hillside Trams LLC goal is to provide you with an excellent tram system, quality service, affordable prices and quick turn times.

Please contact Chris or his wife Sandy for more info. Their strong husband-wife team and qualified staff are your full service solution.

Elevator Contractor License #1115718 | Elevator Mechanic License #1104546     [customer testimonials]

Brooksville, Maine tram

 Brooksville, Maine

Lake Jocassee, South Carolina tram

Lake Jocassee,
South Carolina

Lake Oswego, Oregon tram

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Los Angeles, California tram

Los Angeles, California

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