Our Products

  • Hillside Trams LLC manufactures, installs and maintains/services all trams.
    •    In-house manufacturing that meets or exceeds all national ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) incline elevator safety codes.
    •    Motor Control: Variable speed soft start/stop motor control package for smooth, quiet operation.
    •    All control panels are UL® listed (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.®), ASME code compliant and are encased in a UL® listed waterproof enclosure with surge protection.
    •    AC drive with 3hp/5hp traction drive system providing soft starts and stops.
    •    Dual cabling using 5/16th  galvanized aircraft cable, each with a 9800lb breaking strength.
    •    Hard wired push button controls for landings with on-board controls in car.
    •    Travel speed of Hillside Tram is 70 ft. per minute.
    •    Multiple braking systems.  Each dual cabled Hillside Tram has a brake on the motor which locks when low or no voltage is occurring.  The Hillside Tram is also equipped with an elevator code compliant emergency squeeze brake system.  The elevator governor locks and engages the squeeze brake on the track in the event of excessive speed shutting down the system.  Bumper is installed at the bottom of the track.
    •    Choice of right, left or dual sliding gates.
    •    Prior to paint, all systems are sand blasted, zinc primer then powder coat painted.  Galvanizing is also available.

    We are confident of the product we sell and provide the following warranties:  12 years on structural, 3 years on the motor and gear box and 18 months on electrical components.

    It is our goal to exceed customer expectations with not only a quality built system, but also an installation process that is done in a timely manner. [learn more about us]
  • Owner Chris Braatz of Hillside Trams LLC

    Hillside Trams LLC designs and manufactures all Hillside Tram systems. A site visit is done to determine specific needs of your hillside. Measurements are taken: a string line is run to determine the length of track needed, the degree of the hill, and to identify areas that may have high and/or low points. The support system is determined based on the soil conditions of each site. Installation of a new Hillside Tram System takes approximately 3-5 days and is done by a licensed elevator contractor/mechanic.

    Elevator Contractor License #1115718 | Elevator Mechanic License #1104546

  • existing motor base - before
    An existing motor base "Before"
    newly installed motor base - after
    A newly-installed motor base "After"

    You may already have a Hillside Tram but notice that it does not have the pulling power it used to, or may be lacking in safety. Many older tram systems were installed using only a single cable system, lighter steel undercarriage, small shafts on tension sheaves and gearbox, lower grade track wheels, drop brake arm, etc. A retrofit/upgrade to your tram results in not only a much smoother ride, but provides safety features approved by State elevator code requirements, dual cables, sturdier undercarriage, larger shafts on tension sheaves and gearbox, larger motor and solid polymer wheels.

  • installing new tram system

    Annual maintenance is recommended to insure your Hillside Tram System is kept in good running condition checking safeties, cables, track stability, cable tension, electrical components, etc. insuring tram operates properly and safely.

    Hillside Trams LLC takes pride in responding promptly to service calls. We will help troubleshoot over the phone, obtain necessary parts and take the time to explain/educate you about your tram system. We have ample inventory of parts and tram systems so your needs are met promptly. Owner Chris Braatz does not strive to be the biggest company, but the best in providing a quality product and excellent customer service.

Brooksville, Maine tram

 Brooksville, Maine

Lake Jocassee, South Carolina tram

Lake Jocassee,
South Carolina

Lake Oswego, Oregon tram

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Los Angeles, California tram

Los Angeles, California

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